How E-liquid is Made

E-liquid is the juice that gets heated up to create the vapor that the vaporizers produce. These come in various different flavors and also nicotine levels. According to eCig One, “E-liquid generally contains three major parts: nicotine (unless you’re using nicotine-free e-liquid), natural and artificial flavors and a carrier liquid. The carrier liquid holds the flavors in and vaporizes at a certain temperature within your e-cigarette. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are the two types of ingredients used for this purpose. You may find just one ingredient in your e-liquid, but most e-liquids contain a mixture of both”. Though e-liquids are composed of only a limited amount of ingredients, they offer a large variety of flavors and different feels (when vaping. i.e. throat hit) that users may choose from.

The propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are essential ingredients of the e-liquid that dilute the thick flavoring and nicotine to ensure that the liquid gets vaporized properly. The degree of dilution may differ and users may choose this according to their preference of how strong they want the taste of throat hit to be. explains what the PG and VG are. The PG “is an organic compound created in laboratories and has been approved by the FDA for various purposes. It’s used in theatrical smoke machines, skin and personal care products, pharmaceutical goods and as a food additive in thousands of different products that we consume everyday. In an electronic cigarette, PG is a base that produces vapor and is known for creating a strong ‘throat hit’. The liquid is colorless, odorless and tasteless, and it’s been studied extensively for years. Research has confirmed its safety in various forms, including vapor. Life the PG, vegetable glycerin is another base ingredient used in electronic cigarettes. VG is derived from vegetable plant oils and is considered 100% natural and safe. Because of it’s thicker properties it tends to produce more vapor, but less throat hit, so many e-cig companies use a combination of PG and VG to produce the most accurate and smooth experience”.

When the e-liquid is made, the proportion of how much of each ingredient is mixed is important. NicVape explains the process of how e-liquid should be made. For example, “if we want to made 50mL of 8mg/mL e-liquid, we need 50x8= 400mgs of nicotine for the 50mL formula”. It should be noted that the nicotine used should be diluted with VG. Diluted nicotine formulas are available and industries tend to use 100mg/mL diluted nicotine. Once the diluted nicotine has been calculated and added into the e-liquid bottle, flavor should be added. The flavor will differ according to what taste the user desires but the “recommended dilution for e-flavors is approximately 10%, so if we are making 50mLs I’ll need 5mL” (NicVape). Will the diluted nicotine and flavorings added, there now remains a total of 29mLs to be added. Because the nicotine is diluted with PG, users may add 29 mLs of VG in making their e-liquid. Once all of these ingredients have been added, seal the bottle and shake it for a couple of minutes to ensure that all the ingredients added is mixed thoroughly.

It is always important to get the proportions correct as adding too much nicotine or any other ingredients may not create a pleasant flavor while vaping.

The reason that e-cigarettes are seen to be safer than that of traditional cigarettes is mainly due to the ingredients that are used in making the e-liquid. Though the e-liquid does have nicotine, “nicotine gets a bad rap, and although it can be highly addictive and produce mild side effects, nicotine does not cause cancer. There are more than 4,000 other chemicals found in cigarette smoke, many of which are cancer-causing carcinogens and the source of most smoking-related diseases” ( The ingredients used in making e-liquid have been FDA approved and thus shows to be significantly safer compared to that of traditional cigarettes. E-liquid not only provides users with great taste but it is also safer and many users have claimed that using e-cigarettes have satisfied their craving for smoke.