The groundbreaking vaporizer: CoolFire IV

Innokin is seen to be at the forefront of creating the best electronic cigarettes using advanced technology to provide customers with leading designs and high quality products. As a leader in the area regarding e-cigarettes, Innokin has been the first company to create the design of the box mod vaporizer.

The high quality of Innokin products can be shown through the recent product of the CoolFire IV. Innokin takes pride in their product as the “teams of expert engineers and designers have packed the CoolFire IV with the most advanced integrated vaping technologies to create the perfect compact Sub Ohm e-cigarette”.

Innokin input a variety of features to the CoolFire IV for the convenience of their customers. To give an overview of the CoolFire IV features, the voltage and wattage of this product is adjustable from 3.0 to 7.5 volts (adjustable by .1v increments), and 6.0 to 40 watts (adjustable by .5W increments). A long lasting 2000mAh battery runs the CoolFire IV. There is an on/off switch along with three buttons for total, precise, and comfortable control of the device. The CoolFire IV uses technology that allows customers to ‘Vape while charging’ also providing other services such as vape timer, puff counter, integrated short circuit protection, left/right screen orientation, 15-second cutoff, overheat protection, low voltage warning and more.

Along with such technology, the CoolFire IV is praised for the satisfying look and feel it has. It uses an aluminum cover, making the product durable and yet does not add any extra weight to the product. The cover is available in multiple colors that includes silver, black, red, blue, purple and pink to fit the individual tastes of the customers.

Though the CoolFire IV is a box mod, the new design incorporates smooth curves and edges making it not only look better and different from ordinary box modes but also make it more convenient and comfortable to hold.

The screen and the three buttons provided, allows the user to adjust the voltage or wattage, switch the screen orientation, and to see how many puffs you have done. The main button that activates the vaporizer also indicates the approximate amount of battery that is left by using three colors, green meaning it is almost fully charged, yellow indicating half power and red indicating low power.

The CoolFire IV not only provides the customers with a product that looks good but also provides them with a device that has the basic necessities that make up a high quality e-cigarette along with new, technologically advanced features that users may rely on to adjust the product according to their own preferences and needs. The CoolFire IV only uses the highest quality materials to create a vaporizer that provides the customers with better taste and safety. Key features such as the design, long lasting batteries, easy to use system, and the point that it can be adjusted to fit individual preferences makes the CoolFire IV the ultimate, recommendable vaporizer of 2015.

Customers have shown great pleasure and satisfaction with Innokin’s CoolFire IV and this satisfaction has been reflected through the sky rocketing demand and sales of this product. Customers have described the Innokin CoolFire IV as being “cool”, “sexy”, “superb”, and so on praising it for the high quality in both design and function. The CoolFire IV has been included as one of the best mod devices that is recommendable to all those who vape.