Vaping for Beginners

There have been more people (especially previous smokers), who have been switching to using e-cigarettes. However, when making this transition, as they are naturally beginners, many are unaware of what to purchase and how to effectively use the vaporizers. As the A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping’s article states, “most people have no idea where to start and usually end up with a disposable e-cig. Disposables and Blu kits are fine for trying out vaping, but if you want a truly enjoyable experience, you’ll need quality hardware and a vast selection of great-tasting flavors.”

As users are unaware of the variety or choices, they do not know what to purchase at first. As a beginner it may be the right choice to purchase a disposable e-cigarette as it will be the trial run for whether you like it or not. However, after deciding that e-cigarettes may be right for you, it would then be better to upgrade into the more technologically advanced devices. When trying these devices, there are a variety of beginner kits that many companies provide. For example, for beginners, products such as Innokin’s Endura T18 and Endura T18II are a recommendable device. This device(Vape Pen) is small, easy to use, and not as powerful as the mod devices, making it the perfect starter kit for beginners. Once the vaper has gotten used to vaping and desires something more, then it would be time for the vaper to upgrade to the bigger and more powerful mod devices. More intermediate and advanced vapers, products such as Innokin’s Proton Kit is recommendable (This is only one product out of many that are available).

What the beginners need to realize is that e-cigarettes have a lot more to them than they may think. Once users upgrade into the mod devices, they are more open to customize their devices. This customizing not only pertains to the looks of the device but also to how it may function. For example, users may choose whether they want to use cartridges, devices that are already filled with e-liquid and are disposable upon use. Others may prefer to customize their own atomizer and use the direct drip method to create a better flavor. Of course, what the user decides to use is completely up to their preferences.

It is highly encouraged that smokers switch to e-cigarettes as this is not only safer regarding their health but it is also more cost effective, at least in the long run. However, not only beginners but any e-cigarette users need to handle their device with care in order to avoid any possible harm. For example, users should always use the proper charger for their devices and should unplug the device once it is done charging. Also, “atomizers come in different resistances- so it’s important to use an atomizer that’s within the safe operating limits of your battery. If you’re new to e cigs, most of the pre built atomizers are safe to use with the majority of e cig batteries out there. However, as you get more advanced, you might want to experiment by building your own coils- Just make sure that the coils you’re building are within the safe ranges of your specific battery” (Breanna Mimms and Brennen Phippen on OnVaping).

The idea of switching to vaping is strongly recommended and even some doctors encourage smokers to switch to using e-cigarettes. However, beginners should always take care when purchasing their devices as this may determine whether they enjoy vaping or not. It is always better to start with the starter kits and then move up from there. Learning more about the function and parts of e-cigarettes will also be helpful in finding the device that may be right for you. This will include learning more about the voltage and wattage changes and how that will affect your device. Also, learning more about the atomizers will not only promote better function but will also be safer as the users will know which atomizers are compatible with their vaporizer. Once users have all these down, they may look forward to a good vaping experience that could possibly help them in finally quitting smoking.

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